What Is My Instagram URL Address

What Is My Instagram URL Address & How To Find It?

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Instagram is one of the easy-to-use social media apps in the world.

And millions of people use it every day but want if you want to know some technicity of the app and website.

Today, I am going to answer one such question which is – What is my Instagram URL? That’s not all, you will get to know other aspects of the Instagram URL and related things. Let’s get started!

What Is My Instagram URL?

Your Instagram URL is basically your unique identification proof in terms of a Web-URL. The Instagram URL starts with www.Instagram.com/youruniqueurl in web & app both. You can create one URL at a time and it can’t be changed. So, think before you confirm.

How To Find Instagram URL?

Finding your Instagram URL is quite an easy task. Follow the given simple steps to see the Instagram URL:

Here’s how you can find your Instagram URL on desktop:

  1. Visit Instagram on your desktop/laptop and log in using your credentials.
  2. You will see your feed, now click on the profile icon and you will land on your profile.
  3. Now click on the address bar and copy your profile link.

find your Instagram URL on desktop

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Here’s how you can find your Instagram URL on mobile:

  1. Open the Instagram website on your android smartphone.
  2. First login and you will see the latest post on your feed.
  3. Now, click on your profile icon given on the top.
  4. Once you clicked, you will see your Instagram URL in the address bar.
  5. Copy it and use wherever you want.

I hope that this blog has resolved your query regarding “What is my Instagram URL” & second “How to find Instagram URL”. Now, it’s time to answer your queries. Shall we?


How to find an Instagram URL on mobile app?

Instagram doesn’t offer to copy your own profile URL on both Android and iOS app. However, you can find and copy the URL of other users. You can read more…

How to share Instagram profile link on WhatsApp?

Earlier the social media app used to give the option to share any Instagram profile directly to WhatsApp but now you have to do it manually. To share the Instagram profile, just copy the profile URL you want and send to the individual by pasting as a text.

How to share an Instagram account with another person?

Open the Instagram app on your smartphone and visit the profile you want to share. Tap on the 3 dot icon given at the top and you will see a pop-up menu with “Share this Profile” as one of the options.

Where is the URL on Instagram?

You will find an Instagram URL at the top of the web browser in an address bar. Although, Instagram shows URL in web and mobile version only. That said, you can see the Profile & post URL only.

What is Instagram handle example?

An Instagram handle is a username that you pick or customise while making your profile for the first time on Instagram.  A typical Instagram handle example will be like – BMW motors has an Insta handle as @bmw.

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