What Information do we store?

dgram does not store any kind of information which includes and similar to user name, e-mail address, country, state and contact number. However, if you contact us via mail or google form, then it’s our responsibility to not released and sold to any entities or individuals outside of dgram.xyz.

dgram, hereby states that dgram won’t sell, share or provide your email ID to any 3rd party services. All the information will be solely kept with dgram.


Like any other website on the Internet, dgram uses 'cookies'. A cookie is small piece of code which is used to store information including visitor's preferences, and the pages on the website that a visitor visited. dgram uses this information to recognise you each time visit the website to download Instagram photos.

This information helps us to improve the user’s journey and customizing the features on the particular webpage. dgram does not use cookies to store any kind of information. We use third party tools like Google Analytics & AdSense to store cookies and track visitors. This helps us give you good experience and optimize google ads. To know more, please refer Google tools.